Valeria Maculan & Oliver Johnson & Volkan Diyaroglu, “All Over – Everywhere” (December 2, 2021 to February 28, 2022).

All Over – Everywhere, brings together three artists in a dialogue about the limits of painting and abstraction: Oliver Johnson (London 1972), Valeria Maculan (Buenos Aires 1968) and Volkan Diyaroglu (Istanbul 1982) All Over – Everywhere, is an exhibition project that aims to establish close links between artists who investigate within the language of painting. It refers to a concept that is often used to describe abstract painting: Works that investigate the permanence of the pictorial, in other mediums, investigative processes, as a way of escaping from the confines of the frame; as a way of changing matter. This trio of artists conceives painting as a language in its own right, as the essence of abstraction, of what remains and is part of both the origin and change, which is everywhere.

Diyaroglu combines images and communication using planes and counter planes as screens. Playing with the viewer, pushing them to seek order within the chaos. Revealing questions of reality and identity from the traditional standpoint of the process of painting, evoking Punk rock. Johnson immerses himself in a long and complex process in which colour is applied in countless layers. Transparent surfaces are built, that together evoke a form of illusion. They are experiments within a framework, a series of methodical norms and colour guidelines that express a space that cannot be perceived in any other way other than in person Maculan, the most expansive within this group of painters, works with the language of painting and the pictorial. Her works leave the wall to usurp space and play with architecture, with ornament, with order. Seeking the delight of the visual, escaping tradition, presenting us with something new, where the pictorial lies beneath veils and forms, without nostalgia for canvas and brushes. In short, All Over – Everywhere, requires us to take a leisurely journey to explore the relationships between form and language that underlies our environment and painting, All Over – Everywhere is an act that goes beyond the painting, and seeks in the pictorial a feeling of infinity. Jorge López