I am very pleased to share with you a huge monographic book about my work that has been published a few days ago. This book has been prepared for last few years by Expert of Art Theory and Art Historian Mr. Altan A. Marcelli who made a tremendous work and spent his hours and days having conversations with me. At first the publication was scheduled between 2018-2019 but in the meantime a lot has occurred in the world as you all know. But now it’s the time, it’s finally here! The book has 6 volumes, 1065 pages. I am very honored to have such great writers as Nilo Casares, Mehmet Ergüven and Denis Maksimov who has realized an interview with me in the book. Three of six volumes of the book are dedicated to these texts. Other three volumes are paintings that I worked on since 2002 until the beginning of 2018. All texts in the book are in three languages. First language is English and at the end of each volume you can find the texts translated by great people like Lambe & Nieto Traducciones, Ginger Taylor Saclioglu and Kemal Atakay to Spanish and Turkish. This book has been published and printed by A4, in Istanbul. The covers were designed by Angela Sabio and the pages by Ender Baloglu. I am very grateful to them for their patience. You can find this monograph soon in bookstores or in libraries and take a look at it.